La Verne Nursery

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All Subtropicals

La Verne travels extensively looking for new varieties of subtropical fruits that not only fit our climate but fill the needs of our ethnic market.  Please consult your local nursery for the correct plant for your climate area. We grow our varieties in 2 gallon to 15 gallon containers.  Availability is year around.


Banana Cardaba Banana Dwarf Cavendish Banana Goldfinger Banana Ice Cream Banana Mysore
Banana Red Maurelli Banana Rajapuri Banana Zebrina Blueberry Sunshine Rasberry Heritage
Cherimoya Fig Black Jack Fig Black Mission Fig Brown Turkey Fig Kadota
Fig Panache Fig White Genoa Loquat Advanced Loquat Big Jim
Loquat Champagne Loquat Gold Nugget Loquat McBeth Kiwi Mango
Mango Grafted Papaya Babaco Papaya Mexican Papaya Solo Passion Fruit Edulis
Passion Fruit Frederick Passion Fruit Ruby Glow Passion Fruit Scarlet Flame Guava Fejoia Pineapple
Guava Tropical Beumont Red Guava China White Guava Mexican Cream Guava South African Guava China White
Guava Red Malaysian Guava Tropical Pink Guava Tropic White Guava Red Strawberry Guava Yellow Strawberry
Sapote Suebelle

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