La Verne Nursery

All Citrus

La Verne grows an extensive variety listing of Citrus.  We grow two different forms; one being a dwarf/semi-dwarf (bush/large shrub) style and standard form (tree branches at 30” from ground).  Whether it is Limes you want or Oranges, we’ve got it covered from Calamondins to Tangelo’s with everything in between.  We grow our varieties in 5 gallon to 36” boxes.  Availability is year around.


Calmondin Calamondin Varegated Finger Citron Cocktail Hybrid Oro Blanco Grapefruit
Rio Red Star Ruby Meiwa Kumquats Nagami Kumquats Eureka
Improved Meyer Pink Lemonade Pomona Sweet Lemon Bearss Kaffir
Mexican Key Lime Mexican Thornless Sweet Lime Algerian Dancy
Honey Tangerine Pixie Tangerine Satsuma Tangerine Cara Cara Orange Washington Navel
Midnight Valenica Valenica Moro Orange Sangunielli Tarocco
Chandler Pummnelo Mini Tangelo

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